So Firefox is pretty decent, but it's AwesomeBar tends to be damn slow, not to mention the well-known fact of the monster's great memory-consumption (~200MB VmRSS). Desperate for a better alternative, I tried the gorgeous Google Chrome for a number of days, and it doesn't have any equivalent of that killer feature, AwesomeBar, which I've come to heavily depend on, so I simply left it in a dustbin.

I also played with Epiphany, and worse than its ugly looks is it's behaviour of launching new windows instead of tabs when I click on links from GMail is also screwed up, and I couldn't find any configuration to change it. Even worse is that it does not remember text that I enter in text forms. Oh, and it doesn't support offline GMail and Google Reader.

Here's how they rate:

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Epiphany

It's really time-consuming to play with the browsers (migrating bookmarks, re-entering passwords since I normally save them, getting used to a new interface) and I doubt there's anything that comes close to these three that's available in Debian, unless I'm going to sacrifice having something that looks out-of-place on my GNOME desktop, like KDE solutions (to be fair Google Chrome did look out-of-place, but it at least uses GNOME technologies like GTK+, and won't pull in a bunch KDE stuff like their daemons that tend to keep running even when the apps that started them are long killed).