Here is a list of projects whose documentation I found to be highly-detailed and well-written.


  • CPython - I used to appreciate this more before I got closely involved, noticing warts here and there, and therefore taking it for granted.
  • valgrind - its docs properly represent its status as among the most respected of FLOSS projects
  • sqlite3 - quite extensive, especially for an embeddable DBMS


  • The introductory tutorial of GNU Emacs (looks a lot better when run from within Emacs), is written in a very gentle and careful way; it's among the best tutorials I've seen.
  • Suds - multiple, well-written examples
  • rdiff-backup usage examples - much smaller than the others listed here, but nevertheless deserves mention because it's both gentle and thorough

As a sidenote, I've heard great things about Django's, but haven't really looked yet.